This page is dedicated tot he village of Friedrichsdorf, built in 1750 and lost in 1945. It is intended to keep the name in people´s minds and to provide information about this Pomeranian village.

Information about Friedrichsdorf


In 2023, it will be 78 years since Friedrichsdorf, built by colonists in 1750/51 and named after ist founder, Johann Friedrich Sydow, perished in the battle fort he Altdamm bridgehead.


Located in the district of Randow, not far from the Dammschen See near the district border to Naugard an annexed to it for six years in 1939, the village fell right into the middle oft he main battle line in 1945 and was severely, and, according to other reports, even almost completely destroyed.


Abandoned by ist German residents, the village existed as a deserted area and as a demolition and removal site for building materials until the mid-1970s and was then completely leveled. With that, the village disappeared from people´s memories.


Today, meadows and wooded areas covert the village square and cementery just as they did 267 years ago, and there is almost nothing left to suggest that people once cleared the ground here, cultivating a piece of land from nature.

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Witness reports are still being sought for the establishment of a village chronicle with a focus on Friedrichsdorf as well as on the former German villages of Oberhof, Bergland, Birkhorst and Wilhelmsfelde, Randow district.

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